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Guest Announcement: Hiro Shashinka

Guest Announcement: Hiro Shashinka

Another one for the line up at LuxCon 2024! Hiro Shashinka!

Please find his introduction in his own words:

My name is Patrick D. Hero, 31 and I come from the small Saarland.
I’ve been interested in photography for years and have always enjoyed photographing all kinds of things that have come in front of my lens.
I got into the cosplay scene through friends and have been involved in it for about 2 years now. What I like most about the cosplay scene is that everyone is welcome, no matter how old they are or where they come from.
Through the experiences I was able to gather in the scene, it quickly became clear to me that my favorite motifs are people who pursue their passion.
For some time now you can find me as a photographer at almost every convention in the south-west of Germany.
Until now, I’ve always been on the road as a mobile photographer and I’m delighted to have the opportunity of a photo point for the first time thanks to the organization of LuxCon.
Everyone is welcome at my stand, whether you want a portrait or are in a small group.
So if you would like to have a nice souvenir photo of your visit to LuxCon, feel free to stop by.


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