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Saturday: Call of Cthulhu Rising hosted by Ben and Germain at 14:00 CET in Luxembourgish. (3-4 hours)

Sunday: Demo session of Lords of the Middle Sea hosted by Chaosium’s Jason Durall at 15:00 CET in English. (2-3 hours)


To get into one of the sessions, please message Eric Tobias on our Discord Server on the day of the session. First come, first served.


As this year’s LuxCon will be streamed for free, we have to rely entirely on you, the fans, to make even. So please, if you like what you see, don’t hesitate to donate!

Note: All donations will go to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Society Luxembourg, organisers of LuxCon. The money will be used to cover our expenses for the event and any profit will be used for future events or donated to a charitable cause.

How to donate:

  • Bank transfer:
  • Accountholder: Science Fiction & Fantasy Society Luxembourg
    IBAN: LU76 1111 1318 2296 0000

  • Digicash:
  • via Paypal:

  • If the button doesn’t work, here’s the direct link.

    In recognition of your valiant deed, we will write your name on our Wall of Heroes which will stay online for a while after the event.