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LuxCon 2016 Update - New Posters and Registrations

  • Posters
  • So our new Art Posters, based on a great illustration by Vincent Biwer, are beginning to pop up everywhere. Take a look at it here and be sure to post some pictures of the posters in the wild with the tags #Luxcon #Luxcon2016 #Luxconpostersinthewild

  • Registrations
  • We are starting to accept registrations for the Cosplay Contest as well as some workshops and gaming sessions. Currently Workshops and gaming sessions are being scheduled. Please be patient for them to be listed on the registration page.

    If you want to register for the Cosplay Contest, please head over to this page.
    If you want to register for Gaming Sessions or Workshops, please head over to that page.

    Website back online!

    Yeah well, our webmasters were returned to us by the nice aliens, but their beaming technology screwed up our servers a bit…

    The site is back up. More content is coming this week and some translations are missing. Please be patient or check the english version.

    Keep checking back for updates, new announcements and remember to spread the word via your favorite media, platforms,

    The LuxCon team hopes to see you in Tétange in April.