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Les jeux de rôle (JdR) font depuis toujours partie intérgrante de la science fiction et du merveilleux. Une forme de jeux de rôle est bien sûr celle où les joueurs se trouvent réunis autour d’une table munis d’une feuille de personnage, un crayon et les fidèles dés multifaces. Ils enmbarquent dans une aventure dont ils sont les héros, racontée et menée par un maître de jeu.
Ces jeux de rôle font bien sûr aussi partie de la tradition de la Luxcon qui permet aux joueurs expérimentés ainsi qu’aux novices de participer à nombre de parties menées par des maîtres de jeu expérimentés. Certains vous emmèneront vers des contrées éloignées et fantastiques de différents mondes et univers connus, insolites ou nouveaux.
Suite à vos réactions de l’année dernière et afin de satisfaire un plus vaste public, nous sommes heureux de proposer des séances de jeux en toutes langues. Consultez le tableau suivant pour plus de détails. Les langues entre parenthèses représentent les langues parlées, mais pas nécessairement celles préconisées pour la séance de jeu. Pour être sûr, parlez-en avec eux. Généralement, ils sont flexibles et tout se passera au mieux.

Session de jeu Jour Heure Lieu Langage Restriction d’âge Places Plus d’infos Reservation
Fiasco (Colonials) Sam. 11:00-15:00 Table 3 LU | EN | DE | FR 16+ 5 Aller vers Reservation
GURPS (Discworld) Sam. 12:30-15:30 Table 1 FR | (EN) 16+ 6 Aller vers Reservation
Shadowrun (Official SRM) Sam. 13:00-17:00 Table 2 English 5 Aller vers Reservation
Warhammer 40k (Dark Heresy) Sam. 16:00-19:00 Table 1 LU | FR | (DE | EN) 6 Aller vers Reservation
Shadowrun (Official SRM) Sam. 18:00-22:00 Table 2 English 5 Aller vers Reservation
Dread Sam. 18:00 to 23:00 Table 3 LU | EN | DE | FR 16+ 6 Aller vers Reservation
Call of Cthulhu Sam. 19:30-23:00 Table 1 FR | (EN) 18+ 6 Aller vers COMPLET
Fiasco (The Depot) Di. 11:00-14:30 Table 3 LU / EN / DE / FR 16+ 5 Aller vers Reservation
Pathfinder Di. 12:30-15:00 Table 1 LU | DE 6 Aller vers Reservation
Dungeons & Dragons (3.5E) Di. 12:30-15:00 Table 2 LU | DE | EN 6 Aller vers COMPLET
Fiasco (First Contact) Di. 15:00 to 18:00 Table 3 LU / EN / DE / FR 16+ 5 Aller vers Reservation
Das Schwarze Auge Di. 15:30 to 18:00 Table 1 DE 6 Aller vers Reservation
Call of Cthulhu Di. 15:30 to 18:00 Table 2 LU | DE 14+ 6 Aller vers Reservation



Traduction en cours

Fiasco (Colonials) hosted by Morgan Shaw

Colonials takes place in a universe with greedy megacorps, retro futuristic sci-fi, and of course unstoppable alien killing machines. Rather than playing scientists, explorers, and badasses who discover a colony after it has been destroyed you will be playing the sorry bastards who cause everything to go pear-shaped to begin with.

Fiasko (The Depot) hosted by Gwen

Snow. Neck deep and everywhere. Far as the eye can see. It doesn’t look to be letting up any time soon and here you are in the middle of it, stuck, countless miles from where you want to be and going nowhere fast. You were fortunate enough to find shelter from the blizzard in a backwoods bus depot.
Unfortunately, now you find yourself caught in an interstitial moment, caught on the threshold between a past you’re trying to get away from and the future you so desperately hope to achieve. What happens to you during these trapped moments, as the time ticks away like snowflakes caught in a storm?

Fiasko (First Contact) hosted by Jérôme Decker

The signal arrived and shook the world. Proof of extraterrestrial intelligence! It was a simple code, easily deciphered and translated.



This was followed by coordinates to a previously unknown iceball of a world in the backwaters of the Solar System. Now the Interplanetary Exploration Vehicle Carl Sagan is making its final approach to a distant planetoid named Paradise. The Sagan’s main computer, the hyperintelligent nervous system for the mission, has been making mistakes lately. After the boredom and repetition of a long journey, and turning over in their minds the endless possibilities of what they might soon discover, some of the crew are about to crack.

It’s the most important day in history. Humankind balances on the edge of cosmic enlightenment and oblivion.

Dread hosted by Jérôme Decker

The sleepover was to be the greatest moment of your childhood, until the whimpering woke you up. Is this even the right house?

Shadowrun hosted by Francis Jose

Francis – who goes by the name Canis – has been a devoted and avid fan of Shadowrun since 2000, and has been an agent of the Catalyst Demo Team for many years. You may also recognise his name from the proofing credits of some of the Shadowrun 5th Edition books printed in English. LuxCon is Francis’ first Shadowrun event on continental Europe but he’s been across to the USA for shows. Francis is pleased to help new and old players enjoy this latest edition of Shadowrun, and to bring the Shadowrun Missions living campaign to LuxCon.

Shadowrun Missions (SRM) is the official dynamic sixth world campaign setting sponsored by Catalyst Game Labs. In SRM, players create a character and participate in sanctioned events throughout the world. This gives players the unique opportunity to play a Shadowrun character of their own design with different people and different perspectives, and affect the storyline of the campaign. The current Missions campaign takes place in the Windy City: Chicago and is comprised of four seasons (5-8). Each season is comprised of six Shadowrun Missions adventures.
You can bring your own character as long as it adheres to the rules outlined in the FAQ linked below. You can also find additional information on the missions there!

Call of Cthulhu hosted by Christian

Christian is a Sci-Fi Geek with a burning passion for Pen&Paper RPG’s likes to introduce new and old gamers to one of his favorite pastime.

In his session you take on the roles of the well-dressed criminals, hoping, against all odds, that they will make it through the night.

Call of Cthulhu hosted by Etienne

Join Etienne and lose yourself in a dark world on the brink of madness.

Warhammer 40k (Dark Heresy) hosted by Gregory

Gregory is a grumpy old science-fiction and fantasy fan with a love for RPGs (yes, rocket launchers). Likes Role-playing games too. Uses games to psychologically torture bored basement-dwellers.

In his session you become an agent of the Holy Throne of Terra and investigate strange cases to bring heretics to swift justice in a grim-dark universe where forgotten technology meets the un/supernatural.

Pathfinder hosted by Kim

Join Kim and lose yourself in a world of Sword and Sorcery!

Das Schwarze Auge hosted by Eike

Join Eike and lose yourself in a world of Sword and Sorcery!

Dungeons & Dragons (3.5E) hosted by Liz

Liz is an avid reader of Fantasy, board game aficionado, and D&D player.

Join Liz and lose yourself in a world of Sword and Sorcery!

GURPS (Discworld) hosted by Etienne

Join Etienne and lose yourself in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld!