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Hosting us for the first 3 editions, we’d like to pay tribute to the “Schungfabrik”.

Schungfab[1]Schungfabrik (shoe factory)

The origins of this building can be traced back to the years 1912-13, when Mathias Hubert decided to install a shoe factory in it. Production of shoes constituted a flourishing business then. Already in 1917, the building was extended and 70 people worked in the factory. This growth was due to the strong demand of safety shoes with iron tips for the mines. Unfortunately, the story fo the factory lasted only half a century. Because the demand for shoes dropped, the factory had to be closed in the year 1966. After being used as storage space for a furniture manufacturer, the local authorities bought the building in 1980. Ten years later, 19th of january 1990, the building was officially opened to the public and became the Cultural Center Schungfabrik (meaning Shoefactory) for the villages of Kayl and Tetange.

The old shoe factory thus became a meeting place for the local cultural organisations. This success is due to the different halls able to accomodate all kinds of cultural activities. Unfortunately, the frontside of the building was less attractive, a fact that changed only recently. Now, the frontside being restored, the building looks splendid, with a lot of care given to details such as ornaments and the window borders finished in red bricks.


12, rue Pierre Schiltz
L-3786 Tétange