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General questions

Q: What is LuxCon?

LuxCon is Luxembourg’s first national Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Convention.

Q: What is a convention?

The aim is to get the fans and fan groups of Luxembourg and neighbouring regions together and celebrate Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror culture in its many forms..

Q: What do you do at a convention?

A convention is a great opportunity to meet fellow fans, and like-minded people, learn about clubs and societies that deal with your areas of interest and celebrate fan culture in general.
A convention will have a dealers’ room market space where you can still your thirst for more stuff.
There will be interviews, round-table discussions, presentations, and hopefully you’ll be able to listen to, meet and get the autograph of one of your favourite creative talents.
Other interactive features of a convention might include a games room, workshops, readings, quizzes and competitions.
All in all a convention should allow you to enjoy your favourite books, TV-shows, films, comic books, graphic novels, bande dessinées and other elements from Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror with other people from your area, and hopefully make new friends.

Q: Who is it for?

If you’re into something that might carry the label Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, you are the target audience. If you have friends that have similar tastes, it’s also for them. In fact whole families can enjoy the experience.

Q: When will it happen?

LuxCon’s doors are open from 10:00 to 01:00 on Saturday 13th April and 10:00 to 18:00 on Sunday 14th April 2019

Q: Where is it taking place?

You’ll be able to find us in Forum Geesseknäppchen at 40 Boulevard Pierre Dupong, 1430 Luxembourg.

Q: How much is it?

The entrance fee will be of 5€ for a day pass, 9€ for the weekend pass.
Kids below 12 get in for free and have to be accompanied by an adult person.

Q: How do I get tickets?

Tickets are sold at the entrance. Reservations are not needed to visit the convention, but some events taking place at the convention do need you to sign up. Please find the relevant information  at the event’s website.

Q: Can I help?

Sure, if you have a talent, if you have an idea for a fun and relevant presentation, if you can teach people to do something and want to host a workshop, or if you just want to volunteer to help with the many things that will need to be done, drop us a line via email and we’ll get back to you.

Q: What about ATMs?

When cash runs out you can use the following cash machines in the area. Banque Internationale du Luxembourg, BNL-BNP-Paribas and BCEE have cash machines located up boulevard Pierre Dupong, near the crossing with Avenue du 10 Septembre, around 900m from the site. There is also a BIL on route d’Esch at a similar distance.

Q: Can I come dressed up?

Absolutely. Please feel free to dress up as your favourite character, or object, from books, TV-shows, films, games, etc.
We do ask that attendees not put on display sexual fantasies or fetishes. Please keep in mind that LuxCon targets all audiences. In general please be considerate when you are choosing your costume.

Q: Can I bring accessories and weapons for my costume?

Accessories are fine in most cases. Please make sure that your costume is safe for the other visitors (no sharp spikes or corners). We advise you to put bulky accessories (like shields or huge wings) in a position allowing the guests to circulate easily while you enter or leave the convention building, and in areas of heavy foot traffic.
In many cases, accessory means weapon. In these cases, it is very important to know that we cannot tolerate ‘real’ weapons, particularly in the case of blades, staffs and other hand-to-hand items (for obvious reasons). Throwing weapons like arrows and shuriken are also not allowed. In the case of projectile weapons (read: guns) please be aware that in addition to real guns, bows, crossbows, softair and paintball weapons are not allowed. In this case Nerf (or other foam) weapons, rubber or other replicas are the viable alternatives.
Pyrotechnics and fireworks are banned from the event.
Weapons and accessories will be inspected on site and we reserve the right to safe keep those that we deem dangerous.
The following links provide the legal context for Luxembourg as regards illegal weapons: https://police.public.lu/content/dam/police/publications/brochure-armes-illegales/depliant-armes-interdite-FR.pdf

Q: Can I take pictures and interact with cosplayers?

It is of course allowed to take pictures at LuxCon 2019. Before you take pictures of cosplayers, it is polite to ask them before you snap a shot.
You should not touch cosplayers or their accessories / costumes without asking them for permission. Most cosplayers will happily pose for shots with you. Please be respectful and nice to the cosplayers who put a lot of effort into their outfits. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.

Q: Can I bring my pet to LuxCon?

Past experience has shown that pets don’t deal well with the crowded interior of LuxCon. As such we kindly ask you to leave your pet, any pet, at home.Only assistance dogs are an exception.


Workshops & Gaming Sessions

Q: How do I make a reservation?

For sessions that require a reservation: You can register for gaming session by mail to rpg@luxcon.lu as soon as the gaming sessions are published on our site.

Q: How is my reservation handled?

For technical and other timey-wimey-wibbley-wobbley reasons, our system is not automated this year. A member of our team will receive your request and send you a confirmation.

Q: How do I cancel my reservation?

You can cancel your reservation at any moment until the convention. If you don’t present yourself at the desk at least an hour before the workshop we’ll free up your slot. Since there is no money involved, you don’t risk anything by not showing up, but it would be a sign of courtesy to drop us an email at your earliest possible convenience to cancel your reservation.

Q: Do I have to check in?

Yes, you’ll have to check in at the registration desk at the entrance at least one hour before the workshop or gaming session starts or you will forfeit your reservation.


Cosplay Contest

Q: How do I register for the cosplay contest?

To guarantee a spot in the 2019 cosplay competition, register via the cosplay registration page. Online registration is open until Wednesday 10th April, but registration on site is open until the Saturday of LuxCon (13th April 18:00) if there are spots left.

Q: What do we need after your registration?

– The name and source of the character you are portraying. You have until the deadline to choose your character.
– We’ll need you to provide us with an audio recording you want us to play during your performance. IMPORTANT: Please name the file after your real name and surname (example: Martin_Schmit.mp3). All the usual audio formats will be accepted (mp3 mp4 aac etc.), no links to streams or youtube videos. You can give us your material on a USB stick on Saturday, the 13th of April until 18:00. Please ensure that the file has the right length!
– Images and reference material of the character you are portraying for the jury.

Q: How much time do I have for my performance?

This year, performances will be limited to 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Q: How will I be judged? What makes up the score?

A four-person jury will judge contestants on costume, performance and authenticity. Higher scores will be awarded to costumes made on your own.

Q: What are the cosplay contest’s proceedings?

Cosplayers will be invited to show their costumes to the judges in a pre-judging session (1 hour before the event).
The contest will start with the performances, where you play and present your character of choice in front of the jury and the visitors.
An overall champion, a performance winner and two runners-up, as well as a costume winner and two runners-up will be determined, based on the scores, at the end of the competition.

Q: What if I want to show of my cosplay on stage to the audience without taking part in the contest?

This year, we’ll be holding a cosplay showcase on the main stage in the hour leading up to the contest.

Q: How does this cosplay showcase work?

After registration, you’ll need to be behind the main stage, in front of the kids’ corner at least an hour before the cosplay contest.
You’ll be announced and can take the stage for a few minutes to show off your costume. Please be aware that for logistical reasons, you can’t select the background music. You’ll have to make due with what’s playing at the moment.

Q: Do I need to register for the cosplay showcase?

Yes, you can use the same online registration as the cosplay contest. Be sure to check the “showcase” box. Registrations will also be open up until Sunday, the 14th of April until 12:00 at the info desk if there are spots left.