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Download the PDF of the program >>> HERE <<<

LuxCon 2021…a bit different.

Due to the still ongoing Covid-19 crisis, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Society had to take the decision, that the 8th edition of LuxCon will take place in hybrid modus!


Our main goal this year is to create the usual LuxCon-experience!

In collaboration with Neimënster, the LuxCon 2021 will be streamed on various streaming platforms, which allows as much interaction as possible. Come and chat with peers, the panellists, and the team about anything pop-culture related! As per usual, our program will include panels about Science-Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror.

Interested in talking with like-minded people? Or do you want to join our yearly tradition of table-top-games? Don’t worry: The Science Fiction and Fantasy Society Discord server will be the place to be. Join the server and chat in the various rooms about the panels, hang-out with people in the coffee corner, or promote your art – be it your cosplay page, artist Instagram, website, or your newest book!

What about the cosplay contest?

LuxCon-veterans know: The cosplay contest is one of the highlights every year.

This year too, we plan to have a cosplay contest. However, this must be done in a different format. The contest will also take place digitally. We will record a clip with the contestants at Neimënster Abbey, and the clip will then air during the LuxCon 2021 stream.

Interested? Amazing! Register as a contestant under the following form: click!

What about the artists?

Of course, as per usual, the LuxCon 2021 will also be a platform for local artists!

As mentioned before, the Discord server has a chat specifically dedicated for promotion (#artist-promotion) – you can post anything that is related to your creative work: website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook page, Linktree…

Additionally, together with Neimënster, the LuxCon 2021 will also organize a week-long exposition, where several works of various artists will be displayed. This exposition will be open for public and will take place from the 10th until the 18th of april. So, don’t miss out, and come and see for youself at Neimënster Abbey.

When is it and what can we expect?

The official dates are: the 17th and 18th of April.

Specific details about the program will be revealed soon…

What about 2022?

We won the bid for EuroCon 2022!

LuxCon has officially been nominated the EuroCon 2022 (European Science Fiction Convention). The planning process is already in full motion! We hope the circumstances will make it possible to run this event under normal conditions – our foremoest aim, however, is to keep everyone as safe as possible.

2022 will be a culturally influencial year for Luxembourg, especially for the south of the country. Esch 22 is a perfect occasion to explore and come visit the country. We hope that the 9th edition of the LuxCon – while also being the EuroCon 2022 – rises to the occasion and offers the opporunity to illustrate and celebrate Science-Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror!

More updates will follow soon. In the meanwhile, why not follow our official Facebook event?: click!

Can I ask a question?

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