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Role-Playing Games (RPG) have long since been an integral part of the Science-Fiction and Fantasy culture. One of the many facets that RPG can take is what is known as Pen & Paper RPG where players sit around a table and embark on an adventure narrated and guided by a Game Master. The tools on this journey are their trusty dice, their character on a sheet of paper, a pen to make notes, and their imagination.
We at LuxCon would like to honour the longstanding tradition behind Pen & Paper RPGs by giving you, our visitors, the opportunity to participate in Pen & Paper sessions held by senior Game Masters. They will lead you on this journey that takes place in one of many different worlds, be it the Sword & Sorcery setting of Dungeons and Dragons, the vastness of space or the surface of a distant planet in Warhammer 40k, the belly of an international Megacorporation in Shadowrun, or the dark recesses of a long abandoned mansion while you are following the Call of Cthulhu.
To offer all our guests the opportunity to experience the joy and excitement of Pen & Paper RPG, we have reacted to some of your feedback from last year and am glad we can offer you sessions in French, English, German, and Luxembourgish. Consult the table above to find what languages may be spoken in each session. Languages in parenthesis are understood but might not necessarily be your game master’s choice to hold the session in. To be safe, just check with them; usually everything will work out just fine!


Besides ongoing games at the numerous tables, we do have some scheduled gaming and RPG events where a registration would be advisable. Check them out below!

Game Session Day Time Location Language Age Restriction Slots More info Reservation
Star Wars: Imperial Assault Sat. 12:30-16:00 Table 1 LU | EN 14 FULL Jump to Reservation
Dungeons&Dragons 5E Sat. 16:30-19:30 Table 1 LU | DE | FR 16 6 Jump to Reservation
Call of Cthulhu 7E Sat. 20:00-23:00 Table 1 FR | EN 16+ 5 Jump to Reservation
GURPS 4E (Discworld) Sat. 13:00-16:00 Table 2 FR | EN 16+ 5 Jump to Reservation
Tales from the Loop Sat. 16:30-19:30 Table 2 EN | LU 6 Jump to Reservation
Dread Sat. 20:00-23:00 Table 2 EN 16+ 6 Jump to Reservation
Shadowrun 5E “First Taste” (off. SRM) Sat. 13:00 Table 3 EN 5 Jump to Reservation
Shadowrun 5E “First Taste” (off. SRM) Sat. 16:00 Table 3 EN 5 Jump to Reservation
Shadowrun 5E “SRM07-05” (off. SRM) Sat. 19:00 Table 3 EN 5 Jump to Reservation
Abenteuer in Kaphornia Sat. 10:00-18:00 ongoing Table 4 DE | EN 5 Jump to At the table
Aventuria Sat. 10:00-18:00 ongoing Table 4 DE | EN 2/4 Jump to At the table
Castle Falkenstein Sat. 13:00-18:00 Table 5 DE 14 4 Jump to Reservation
HeroQuest Sat. 13:00-16:00 Table 6 FR | EN 4 Jump to Reservation
Outlander: The Companionship Sat. 16:30-19:30 ongoing Table 6 FR | EN 2 Jump to At the table
Pathfinder Sun. 11:30-14:30 Table 1 LU 5 Jump to Reservation
Das Schwarze Auge 5E Sun. 15:00-18:00 Table 1 DE 14 5 Jump to Reservation
Star Trek Adventures (Quick Start) Sun. 11:30-14:30 Table 2 EN | LU 4 Jump to Reservation
Star Wars: Edge of the Empire (Beginner) Sun. 15:00-18:00 Table 2 EN | LU 4 Jump to Reservation
Shadowrun 5E “SRM-07-06” (Off. SRM) Sun. 11:30 Table 3 EN 5 Jump to Reservation
Dungeons&Dragons 3.5E Sun. 11:30-14:30 Table 5 EN | LU 6 Jump to Reservation
Delta Green (Cthulhu) Sun. 15:00-18:00 Table 5 EN | LU 16 6 Jump to Reservation
Super Dungeon Explore Sun. 11:30-14:30 Table 6 FR | EN 6 Jump to Reservation
Arcadia Quest Sun. 11:30-14:30 Table 6 FR | EN 4 Jump to Reservation
Outlander: The Companionship Sun. 15:00-18:00 ongoing Table 6 FR | EN 2 Jump to At the table


Online registrations are now closed. Please register at the Information-Desk at the entrance.


If you want to print out the full gaming plan as PDF CLICK HERE.

Note: descriptions provided by the game masters in their preferred language

Ulisses-Abenteuerspiele: Aventuria & Abenteuer in Kaphornia hosted by Christian Lonsing

Ongoing on Saturday: New session every 45 minutes – Language(s): DE / EN

Christian Lonsing ist Redakteur und Layouter für den Ulisses-Verlag. Aus seiner Feder stammt das Fantasy-Abenteuerspiel Kaphornia sowie das Rollenspiel Freelancer. Der Autor versteht es, spannende, humorvolle und vor allem einsteigerfreundliche Spiele zu entwickeln. So wundert es auch nicht, dass er den DSA5-Schnellstarter gelayoutet hat.
Beruflich widmet Lonsing sich weiterhin der Welt des Schwarzen Auges. Im Moment ist er an der Gestaltung des Kartenspiels Aventuria beteiligt.
Außerdem versorgt der Autor zurzeit „bekennende Abenteuerspieler“ mit Nachschub an Spielmaterial. Auf befindet sich eine Fülle von Szenarien und Charakteren als Download.
Englische Homepage:

Shadowrun 5th Edition hosted by Francis Jose Vickers

Saturday 13:00 / 16:00 / 19:00 + Sunday 11:30 – Language(s): EN

Francis Jose Vickers – who goes by the name Canis – has been GM’ing the cyberpunk rpg Shadowrun in its various editions since 2001, and a Catalyst Demo Team Agent since 2013. He also GM’s a Shadowrun Actual Play podcast (, a recent development for him, and a great way to reach out and bring the Sixth World to a wider audience. He has a genuine passion for the Sixth World and enjoys helping players experience the rich and storied universe as well as the Shadowrun 5th Edition rules set. This will be his second LuxCon, and he’s delighted to be able to bring official Shadowrun Missions to mainland Europe.
Shadowrun Missions (SRM) is the official dynamic sixth world campaign setting sponsored by Catalyst Game Labs. Roleplaying gamers can bring a Shadowrun Missions legal character. Alternatively pre-generated characters can be provided.

Star Wars: Imperial Assault hosted by Spillfabrik’s Alain Baum who goes by the name DukeOfEarl

Saturday 12:30-16:00 – Language(s): EN / LU

Imperial Assault is the game that came from Descent 2.
“You have recovered intelligence of an Imperial outpost on Kashyyyk, the home world of the Wookiees. Both Rebel Command and the planet’s fierce inhabitants want the facility destroyed.
Your team joins up with a group of local warriors to achieve this goal.”

GURPS (Discworld) hosted by Etienne Jaspart

Saturday 13:00-16:00 – Language(s): FR / EN

Join Etienne and lose yourself in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld.

Castle Falkenstein hosted by André Cézanne

Saturday 13:00-18:00 (with short breaks) – Language(s): DE

Castle Falkenstein ist ein Steampunk-Indie-Rollenspiel. Es unterscheidet sich insofern von anderen Rollenspielen, als mit Spielkarten statt mit Würfeln gespielt wird.
Beschreibung des Abenteuers:
Fernab der großen Städte im Eulengebirge am Rande Preußens hat der junge Landgraf Johann von Stetten von seinem Vater eine Länderei überschrieben bekommen, um somit seine Fähigkeit als Graf unter Beweis stellen zu können. Doch schon seit dem ersten Tag standen seine Unternehmerschaften unter einem schlechten Stern und sein ehrgeiziges Projekt, im Tal ein Sägewerk zu bauen und eine Siedlung zu errichten, kamen schnell zum Erliegen. Ein Fluch liegt über den Hügeln des Eulengebirges. Nun sind kühne Helden gesucht, die dem Landgrafen zur Seite stehen in seiner schwersten Stunde.

HeroQuest Classic hosted by Jérôme Petit

Saturday 13:00-16:00 – Language(s): FR / EN

Rediscover or discover the old school dungeon crawler HeroQuest, an adventure boardgame from the late eighties.
Revivez l’ambiance des donjons de la vieille école avec HeroQuest, système d’initiation au jeu de rôle de la fin des années 80.
“Relevez le défi de HeroQuest et pénétrez dans le royaume souterrain du Sorcier Morcar. Dans ce jeu d’aventure, vous pourrez gagner d’immenses trésors, mais il faudra aussi affronter de redoutables monstres. Chaque partie est une aventure en soi qui se déroule dans une forteresse souterraine différente. Explorez-en les couloirs sombres et risquez-vous dans les salles mal éclairées. Restez cependant sur vos gardes, car les serviteurs de Morcar sont tapis dans l’ombre et vous attendent. Les imprudents n’échapperont pas aux pièges mortels. Seuls les vrais Champions sortiront vivant du domaine du Chaos.”
(texte au dos de la boîte)

Dungeons & Dragons (5th Ed.) hosted by Germain Fournelle

Saturday 16:30-19:30 – Language(s): LU / DE / FR

NPC: “It is about time to clean up this sin-infested city, to put an end to this atrocious horror. Fear runs wild in these streets – the fear that these bestial murders will go on forever and that there is just no help in sight. We need help. We need heroes.”
Luxembourgish Translation:
NSC: „Et gëtt endlech Zäit hei an dëser Sënne verseuchter Stad opzeraumen, dem entsetzleche Grauen en Enn ze setzen. An de Stroosse herrscht déi grouss Angscht, dass déi bestialech Morden ëmmer esou weider ginn a keng Hëllef a Siicht ass. Mir brauchen dofir dréngend Hëllef a sichen no Helden!“

Tales from the Loop hosted by Godinho Coelho Raquel / Raqu

Saturday 16:30-19:30 – Language(s): EN / LU

The cold of winter rules the land. Kids with rosy cheeks have snowball fights until they are called home to warmth and hot cocoa. Skaters crisscross the ice-laden lake in leasure. One day, however, a skater disappears into thin air. The Kids will discover that whatever took him, might be better left undisturbed.

Outlander: The Companionship hosted by the game designer Rwa Balzsa Czarno

Ongoing saturday 16:30-19:30 & sunday: 15:00-18:00 new session every 30-40 minutes – Language(s): EN / FR

Outlander: The Companionship is a cooperative card game for two players, not an rpg. They take on the roles of Claire and Jamie and relive the main events and encounters from the First Book. Their aim is to survive the various challenges, defeat Jack Black, and remain together as lovers. Various familiar items and characters can aid (or hinder) them on their journey. Play time is about 30-40 minutes, including the explanation of the rules.
The game is complete and no longer a prototype, however, it is not yet commercially available, and the game designer is looking to build awareness and support for it among fellow Outlander fans.

Call of Cthulhu (7th Ed.) hosted by Etienne Jaspart

Saturday 20:00-23:00 – Language(s): FR / EN

Join Etienne and lose yourself in a dark world on the brink of madness.

Dread hosted by Mads Englund

Saturday 20:00-23:00 – Language(s): EN

The rpg uses blocks from the dexterity game Jenga instead of dice.
Dread is a game of horror and hope. Those who play will participate in a mutual telling of an original macabre tale. The goal of Dread is to sustain the delicate atmosphere that invokes the hand quivering emotion that lends its name to the game. The thrill of a Dread game lies within the tension between desire and loss. You will take on the role of someone trapped in a story that is only as compelling as it is hostile – someone who will find themselves making decisions we hope never to face in real life.

Pathfinder hosted by Bob Christen

Sunday 11:30-14:30 – Language(s): LU

Pahfinder baséiert op der Lizenz vun D&D 3.5.
Beschreiwung vum Szenario:
En zerstriddent Duerf
Op denger Duerchrees duerch dat klengt Dierfche Levaria gëss du op e puer Onstëmmegkeeten opmierksam, déi sech no enger Zäit awer als geféierlech Situatioun fir déi ganz Regioun erausstellt. Ob elo Goblinen, Orken oder Dämonen hirt Onwiesen dreiwen, ass ongewëss. D’Bewunner vu Levaria brauchen deng Hëllef, well ouni dech sinn se fir ëmmer verluer.
Wichteg: Gespillt gëtt mat Hëllef vum Pathfinder-Regelwierk. Allerdéngs ass dës Ronn net strikt un d’Regele gebonnen. Denger Fantasie solle keng Grenze gesat ginn, an de Spillleeder ass fir kreativ Iddie ganz oppen.

Star Trek Adventures Quick Start hosted by Social Gaming’s Jérôme Decker

Sunday 11:30-14:30 – Language(s): EN / LU

Welcome to your new assignment, Captain. Your continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before…
“We’ve received a message from Narendra Station that a runabout called the Susquehanna has gone missing in the Carina Nebula, deep within the Shackleton Expanse. The Susquehanna was investigating an unusual alien signal that originated from the nebula when all contact was lost. We have been ordered to enter the nebula, find the runabout, and determine the origin and cause of the alien signal. Starfleet has also advised that Romulan and Ferengi ships have been sighted in the region, so we should exercise caution since they may well have detected the alien signal as well.”

Dungeons & Dragons (3.5 Ed.) hosted by Liz Anastasi

Sunday 11:30-14:30 – Language(s): EN / LU

Not far from the village Marleen, a glass tower suddenly appeared in the woods. Since this day strange noises can be heard. As the people trying to investigate the tower didn’t return, the major asked for your help.
Discover the truth about the glass tower in this short D&D 3.5 adventure.

Super Dungeon Explore & Arcadia Quest hosted by Jérôme Petit

Sunday 11:30-14:30 – Language(s): EN / FR

Jérôme Petit paints miniatures of familiar games and builds 3D versions of boards. He runs Super Dungeon Explore demos and Arcadia Quest demos. Both of the games are rpg style dungeon crawl board games.

Das Schwarze Auge (5th Ed.) hosted by Eike Busch

Sunday 15:00-18:00 – Language(s): DE

Das Schwarze Auge (The Dark Eye) ist das deutsche Gegenstück zum amerikanischen Dungeons and Dragons. Bekanntlich ist DSA5 nicht bloß ein High-Fantasy-Rollenspiel, sondern auch mittelalterliches Intrigenspiel, barbarische Wildnisabenteuer oder klassische Piratengeschichten sind als Fantasy-Setting möglich. Eike versucht in seinen Runden, es immer ein bisschen weniger High- und mehr Mid-Fantasy zu spielen, also mehr Realismus ins Spiel zu bringen.
Auf dem Kontinent Aventurien leben die klassischen Fantasy-Rassen der Elfen, Zwerge, Orks und der Echsenmenschen mit den verschiedensten menschlichen Kulturen zusammen. Dazu kommen noch kleinere, nicht spielbare exotische Rassen wie Feen, Grolme, Riesen und andere.
Auch wenn es DSA5 sein wird, wird in der Zeit wenige Jahre nach der Borbarad-Invasion gespielt. Ort des Einstieges ist die kleine Stadt Wiesenruh im Süden des Königreiches Garetiens. Vor der Invasion der Dämonen noch klein und überschaubar, hat sich die Zahl der Anwohner sprunghaft vermehrt. So mischen sich nun zwischen die alt her ansässigen Menschen und Zwerge noch die Kulturen der Tobrier und der Aranier, alle mit ihren eigenen Wertvorstellungen und eigenen Problemen.
Mitmachen kann jede/r ab 14 Jahren. Der Spielleiter wird Würfel und Charaktere mitbringen. Falls jemand etwas Eigenes hat, kann sie/er es gerne mitbringen. Die mitgebrachten Charaktere sollten allerdings keine hochstufigen Schlachtmonster sein.

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beginner Game hosted by Thierry Breuer

Sunday 15:00-18:00 – Language(s): EN / LU

In Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Jedi and the Rebellion take a backseat. Instead, this RPG allows you to live through the adventures of shady figures like smugglers, bounty hunters or scundrels in the Outer Rim, where the Empire has not yet established it’s control.
The beginner set is perfect for new players. The game provides handy character booklets for each player that show all necessary information one double page at a time, while the adventure slowly introduces you to the different mechanics of the system. A new mechanic is introduced? Just flip to the next page where everything is explained.
In this two hour Learn-as-You-go adventure, your team needs to flee from Tattoine to escape the pursuit of Teemo the Hutt.

(Cthulhu) Delta Green hosted by Godinho Coelho Raquel / Raqu

Sunday 15:00-18:00 – Language(s): EN / LU

They turn off the path and head into the shadows, becoming something other than normal. Black places filled with blank rooms, closed doors, and empty hallways lined with dust. In these places your voice catches in your throat, the air seems to hum, and bad things happen. People get hurt. Objects vanish. Misery flows like the water from the loose faucet in the bathroom. Hate hangs in the air like old paint. It smells of time and circumstance, and something just a little beyond the world. It smells like surrender.
The house at 1206 Spooner Avenue is a place gone wrong. In the last 50 years, 18 people have died there, and you can feel it. Doors in 1206 Spooner Avenue stay shut, and no one ever hears a child’s laughter at night. In the hours that stretch like taffy after two, no one ever hears music from a darkened room.