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LuxCon, the 2022 EuroCon – RPG Session Description and Registration

Call of Cthulhu 7th edition: a film in yellow

Saturday 13h – 19h

3 – 6 players

The movies of Filmstaden studios in Stockholm is a great export success. The stars from Sweden are conquering Hollywood and a new (hopefully) blockbuster, « A Film in Yellow », is in production. The fact that actors or directors rush out and leave in anger is commonplace, but now an entire production set has disappeared without a trace – taking some key people of the team with it. In this stand-alone adventure to the horror RPG Call of Cthulhu, investigators take on the role of actors, camera men and other movie industry workers in their quest to understand the incomprehensible – and hopefully not go crazy.

Gamemaster: Gunilla and Michael                


Vampire – Die Maskerade V5

Saturday 11h – 14 h 

4 Spieler / Deutsch

Lange Schatten haben sich auf New England gelegt. Die Camarilla von Portland vermisst einige Mitglieder. Schon vor Tagen haben sich zwei Künstler der örtlichen Gemeinde in die Wälder Maines zurückgezogen um sich der Kunst zu widmen. Seitdem fehlt jede Spur…

Gamemaster: André


Nuka Dawn

Friday 10h15 – 13h15

Friday 14h30 – 17h30

Sunday 10h15 – 13h15

3 – 4 players / French or English / age 18+

A strange ritual happens away for the Fortress of Luxembourg, there is a strange light ahead and noise. It has attract the Dave, a group of strange crazy clones but they are not going in the Forest of the Grund, they are assembling their murderous and cannibal group outside the wall, looking awkward at the Forest. You are mandated by the Bourg Maester of Luxembourg’s Fortress to investigate and use force if necessary but you have to make them leave and then you have to go in the Forest of Grund to resolve the mystical colour coming from the End of the Forest. System Dice 10 (World of Darkness)

Gamemaster: Max



Saturday 13h – 16h

Saturday 17h – 20h

Sunday 14h30 – 17h30

4 – 5 players / French or English / age 16+

Strange murders happens in Damsterton, the capital of the High Insular Kingdom. You have been invited to mourn some deceased relatives. There you decided with other to solve the murders because the Police of Daïpur Hills doesn’t want to solve the case. With the other player, you will go in the international docks of the city and follow the trace of the murderer. Will you really discover what happens to your relative and punish the criminal mind of the thing behind the horror ? System Dice 20 (DnD).

Gamemaster: Max


Dnd 5th edition

Sunday 10h30 – 13h

4 players / English

An arrow in the woods (medieval fantasy setting).

Gamemaster : Xavier


Dnd 5th edition: DnDebut! Roll for initiative!

Saturday 14h – 16h30

5 players / German, English or Luxembourgish

It is an introductory adventure for low lever characters to give brand new players the opportunity to try out dnd for the first time.

Gamemaster: Gilles


HeroQuest (2022 Edition)

Saturday 11h / 14h / 16h / 18h

Sunday 11h / 14h / 16h

4 players / French / a game takes around 30 minutes

8 hours for the full campaign, but a single quest takes around 30 minutes.


You can register at this link:

Registration open until Thursday 7th April 2022 18:00